Freezer Meal Workshops

If you struggle to find time to do meal planning and prep, this is the workshop for you!

Some of the common questions we get asked include, "do you cook freezer meals before freezing? How far in advance can you make freezer meals?" And, "can you meal prep frozen food?"

In this class, Joline will lead you through preparing five meals and give you awesome #kitchenhacks and meal planning tips to use at home.

Participants will take home:

  • Five prepared meals

  • Recipes

  • Extra spice blends

Introduction to Intuitive Eating

There is a ton of nutrition information about what foods we should avoid, what diet' works best,' and how we should eat.

This messaging can be hard to navigate and puts much pressure on you and your food choices.

Get your questions answered:

  • What is diet culture?

  • How does it influence our food choices?

  • What is anti-diet nutrition?


What can we focus on instead of restriction?

Workplace Lunch N' Learns

Food is so much more than nutrients; it's how we connect!

We offer Lunch N' Learn that brings teams together.

Your team will enjoy a homemade lunch while learning about meal planning and nourishing their bodies, even with busy schedules!

Everyone will walk away with tried & true meal planning ideas, recipes, and other resources to make meals at home a little easier!

Menu options include:

  • Snack & Breakfast Smoothies

  • Build your Bowl

  • Breakfast for Lunch

  • Or your fun idea!

Child & Youth Cooking Classes

If you've seen Joline at the Fireweed Market, you may have heard her talking about an after-school program. Plans for that are in the works, but Kids Cooking Classes are here in the meantime!

Getting kids in the kitchen helps with self-esteem, builds confidence in cooking, and supports them in trying new foods.

It can be challenging for parents to juggle taking care of other children, the time to get a meal on the table, and safety.

Our Child & Youth Cooking Classes have you covered! Your child will help prepare a nutritious and delicious meal and feed you a fantastic dinner. You will walk away with new kid-approved recipes and (hopefully) a new little chef.

These cooking classes are age-specific.

Pack Lunch Like a Pro

Workplace and school lunches are always a challenge! But it can be disruptive and expensive to leave work and pick up lunch daily!

This workshop is a combination of education and hands-on experience.

Participants will learn the critical components of packing a lunch that is not only quick & easy but will keep you feeling full and satisfied throughout your day!

Participants will leave with four lunches and recipes & tips for making these at home!